Property Sourcing

No time to trawl through Rightmove, trapse round properties on viewings and chase estate agents? Or perhaps you don’t know which properties rent well in which areas? Maybe you’re not confident of putting in an offer or even how to work a deal out?

We can source properties for you. We can help you choose which type of property strategy best suits your desired outcome, whether you’re looking for no involvement or lots, income now, capital growth or a blend of the two.

We will go through a detailed on-boarding process, asking questions to eek out what you’re after, even if you don’t know right now. All this can be done online or over the phone, taking up as little of your time as possible.

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Property Management

You have a property, now what? We can do everything from finding you a tenant through to fully managing every aspect of property rental, including the pesky early morning phone calls of being locked out or the boiler isn’t working, while you just sit back and watch the money roll in.

All tenants and occupants fully referenced, including employment, income and affordability checks and previous landlord references, minimising debt.

A thorough written and photographic inventory of your property at the start of each tenancy and a complete review at the end of each tenancy, maximising deposit claim wins.

Rent guarantee policy on every tenancy, ensuring payment until the point a bad tenant leaves.

Regular inspections of the property, even by tradespeople, meaning no surprises at the end of the tenancy

Good value, trusted tradespeople, to ensure maintenance issues are fixed promptly and with minimal possible cost.

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